Colca Canyon PeruMaking your trip a unique experience!

The city of Arequipa in Southern Peru is surrounded by active and dormant volcanoes and is also near two of the most interesting canyons in America, Cotahuasi and Colca. The historic centre of Arequipa was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, in recognition of its architecture and historic integrity.

It is no surprise then that many tourists come to visit this area - for visiting the city as well as to explore the sights in the area.

There are dozens of tour operators in Arequipa offering their services and it very difficult to find out beforehand which one will deliver the expected good service, making the most of your trip. Unfortunately many visitors decide for one of the cheaper options and not surprisingly return slightly disappointed from the excursion.

But there are different options, and not that much more expensive! It is really possible to visit all the fantastic sights without the crowds, having the condors over colca canyon just for yourself, visting villages and people not on the route of the tour buses and walk on tracks which only few people know of!

Andres is an experienced, laid back guide highly praised for his knowledge of the area and for the way he conducts his excursions taking into account the wishes of his customers as well as their abilities. He speaks English well and French and also has a little knowledge of German. Andre can also arrange transportation as well as accommodation in accordance to your needs and your budget.

Arequipa and the Misti VulcanoThe altitude change can be a real problem and not few visitors spoil their trip by not taking the necessary time to adjust themselves to these conditions. Andre will take the time to discuss the tours with you and then plan it in such a way that you can enjoy it from the beginning to the end!

It takes only little time to contact Andres and enquire about the services he can offer you - but it is time well spent . A fantastic experience could be lying ahead of you for a stay in Arequipa which you'll always remember fondly!

Colca Canyon

is one of the deepest canyons in the world and features pre-Colombian terraced fields still supporting agriculture and human life with villages scattered along the river. We'll walk to and between the more quiet villages to allow you to really get an insight into the rough life of the people living here. A highlight of the Colca Canyon is a stop at Cruz del Condor where condors soar gracefully on the rising thermals occurring as the air warms. Watching them is an unforgettable experience, especially when we do it - before the bus loads of tourists arrive in the morning or are long gone in the afternoon.

Misti Volcano

With its seasonally snow-capped, symmetrical cone, El Misti stands at 5,822 metres above sea level near Arequipa. There are two main climbing routes on the volcano with camps on the way. Though neither climbing route presents technical difficulties they are strenous and guides are recommended to show you the safest way along the steep loose sand slopes.

Pichu Pichu

The Pichu Pichu group is a very eroded volcano with 7 summits, the highest of which is 5665m above sea level. There are various routes up on this two day tour, but not all of these routes are easy to climb and a little scrambling is involved. Having the tour organized by an experienced guide is heavily recommended.

Cotahuasi Canyon

is the deepest canyon in the world. Its maximum depth is 3535 meters - 335 meters deeper than Colca Canyon! The spectacular Canyon is an impressive chasm that the river has eroded between two enormous mountain massifs. It is a favorite place to practice extreme adventure sports and is the premier place for kayak and raft trips in Peru.